David Freedman has written blacksmithing books and articles about the blacksmith's craft as well as writing features about metalwork and metal sculpture amongst other subjects.

David has also written two childrens books which have been stunningly illustrated by Mike Kelly.

The books are available to buy worldwide on amazon, Barnes and Noble and other sites.

David's latest book Artist Blacksmith Sculpture: The Art of Natural Metalwork is a photographic look at the art of blacksmithing from the perspective of a British Artist Blacksmith. Rather than being a blacksmithing manual or beginners guide, as many blacksmithing books are, David's book shares inspirational images, designs and a peek inside the forge, both his own and those of other smiths around the world. 

David's articles and features have been in the NOMMA Fabricator magazine, the Anvil's Ring, MOG Magazine (Morgan Cars) and others.

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Available now on amazon

Artist Blacksmith Sculpture:

The Art of Natural Metalwork

Priced £10.99 / $15.99

Artist Blacksmith Sculpture Book

Available Now

on amazon

Stunt Crow

Priced £4.99 / $7.85

Crow story book

Coming Soon:

Jewel of the Brook

Book about a kingfisher. Story poem for children and adults

These timeless childrens stories are beautifully illustrated by artist Mike Kelly.

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